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16Hertz UNO R3 Beginner Kit – Arduino Compatible

SKU: AK002.


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With over 50 components and a high quality Arduino UNO R3 Clone, the 16Hertz UNO R3 Beginner Starter Kit, is the kit you need to not only get started with Arduino projects but to dig much deeper. It has all the components you need to jumpstart your Arduino programming. It is the most economical way to start with the Arduino.

This kit includes the basic parts you need to start learning Arduino. Even after you graduate to more complicated projects and a wider variety of sensors, you’ll still find that the components in this kit form an important part of your prototyping toolkit.
This kit is second in our line of entry level Arduino Kits. This kit includes the essentials with which you’ll need to set up the Arduino and start programming.
This kit includes our beautiful, fully illustrated guide to the Arduino (view at

(1) UNO R3 Microcontroller w/ USB
(1) Breadboard w/ Holder
(65) M-M Jumper Wires
(1) Illustrated Guide Book (visit
(1) Futaba S3003 Servo Motor
(1) DC Motor
(1) 1602 LCD Screen
(75) Assorted Resistors
(1) 8-Bit Shift Register
(1) 40Pin Headers
(2) Photoresistors
(5) Push Buttons
(1) Piezo Buzzer
(1) 10K Potentiometer
(1) 1-Ch. Relay Module
(5) 1N4001 Diodes
(2) Assorted NPN Transistors
(10) 5mm LEDs (Assorted Colors)
(1) RGB LED (Common Cathode)
(1) 9V Battery Wire

Note: The UNO R3 is functionally identical to the Arduino UNO. The color of the UNO board might be different than the color pictured.


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