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  • Make and Break: A Maker’s Guide to Learning Through Failure

    David Brenner, CTO of “Thimble” recently published a piece on edsurge.com about how he discovered his love of electronics through breaking them. “When I was seven years old, I broke my parents’ only vacuum cleaner. Earlier that day, my dad had taught me how to use a screwdriver when I helped him tighten the hinges on the storm door. Armed with this knowledge, I took the vacuum cleaner out of the closet, pushed it to my room, and removed every screw. I put all of the belts, springs, gaskets, hoses, brushes, motor, and every other part I could remove in


    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DECEMBER 3RD, 2015   Contact: Julia Doolittle 11-22 44th Road, 2nd Floor, Long Island City, NY 11101 jdoolittle@16hertz.com 718-487-9086   Calling All Makers: Meet “The Illustrated Arduino”, a One-of-a-kind, Comic-book Style Guide to Arduino 16Hertz Releases “The Illustrated Arduino”, an open-source, hand-illustrated guide for learning the basics of Arduino programming and electronics. NEW YORK CITY, NY—(DECEMBER 3RD, 2015)—16Hertz, an educational electronics company based in New York City announces the release of their illustrated, graphic-novel style guide, “The Illustrated Arduino”. The guide is over 75 pages long, and contains hundreds of hand-drawn illustrations that take the readers through

  • 6 Amazing Chess Sets That are 3D Printer Ready

    This title is pretty self-explanatory.  Here are 6 incredible chess sets that we found over on Thingiverse.com.  Perfect for that outdoor chess tournament you’re itching to put together or as birthday/Labor Day gift! (…for yourself.) Medieval Android Chess Robot Vs. Wizards Chess Spiral Chess Set   Voronoi Chess Set   Squirrel Chess Set   Wireframe Chess Set

  • Build Yourself a LEGO Safe With Creativity and Some Magnets

    Courtesy of The Household Hacker, here’s a clever and creative way to hide someone valuable in a colorful and inconspicuous box. No one’s gonna think your LEGO project actually has Nana’s jewelry in it, will they?  Building an awesome LEGO structure with a secret compartment has to be one of the nerdiest/most fun ways to be sneaky.  The magnet trick for opening your safe has to be our favorite part. Give the quick video a look and see if building a secret LEGO compartment tickles your fancy.

  • “Bricasso” Builds Your Mosaics Like a 3D Printer

    JKBrickworks (Jason Alleman), self-describes as a “full blown AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO)”. His creations are incredibly artistic and technologically savvy. The “Bricasso” is no different. The Bricasso uses the Mindstorm color reader to scan any mosaic you draw and turn it in to a full-blown LEGO construction using 1×1 bricks. Watch the machine in action below! And in case you’re curious, videos of the prototyping process – pretty fascinating stuff.

  • Someone Made a Game of Thrones Clue and It’s Probably Full of Spoilers

    HerrPhoenix on Reddit has cooked up a new version of “Clue” (also known as Cluedo overseas) for his or her girlfriend. The twist on this classic murder and mayhem board game?  It’s Game of Thrones themed! Instead of Miss Scarlet or Mr. Green, you’ve got up to 22 options for the murdered and murderers (players choose 6 at the start of the game).  And instead of lead pipes and candlesticks, you have a boar’s tusk and a pot full of molten gold. (Oops.) Our favorite part has to be the hand-painted board.  The attention to detail on each piece is mind-boggling. Check out

  • This Epic Lamp Made from Cheap Action Figures Will Delight Your Nerd Senses

    Using an “Avengers” action figure pack purchased from the Disney Store, Dontwobane on Reddit created an amazing DIY Lamp that looks like an epic gold-plated piece of home-decor. First, our creator purchased a cheap lamp from a thrift store and glued each figure to the base.  The total cost of materials was $15. Pro Tip – Arrange figures in an epic fashion. Then, our maker sprayed a coat of primer onto the lamp and figures. It’s already looking epic if you ask us. But then!  Our intrepid designer added a coat of gold spray paint. A lampshade later and… Incredible!

  • The Future of Wearable Tech? You Might Not See It Coming

    With the Apple Watch officially releasing last week, the buzz around Wearable Tech has spiked considerably.  But while the shiny gadget might be driving the coverage of the past few weeks, the conversation between futurists on how fashion and tech might collide has been going on much longer.  Ever since a German Locksmith created the first pocket-watch in 1510, wearables have been a part of life.  And with technology becoming more personalized and integrated every generation, we can’t see the trend of wearables coming to an end any time soon. However, when people think wearable tech, things like Google Glass,

  • Meaningful Work: The Positive Psychological Impact of Making

    Most of us have had a terrible job at some point.  You know the kind we’re talking about: it’s the employment horror story you tell on dates, after a few beers with your friends, or at your birthday party for sympathy or a laugh (or perhaps a sympathetic laugh).  Can you remember exactly what made the job so terrible?  It’s possible that words like “pointless, meaningless, frustrating, useless,” might spring to mind. Terrible bosses, low pay, hellish commutes and more all make for a bad job experience, but there’s nothing more likely to turn your job into a nightmare than having your

  • 3 Ways to Organize Your Workshop

    Do you have a personal workshop or makerspace that needs some serious organization? We feel ya.  We’ve been moving into our brand new makerspace (eeeee!) and needless to say, finding a place for everything to go is a ridiculously daunting challenge. With that in mind, we provide you with this super helpful “3 Ways to Organize Your Workshop” blog post, which is in no way being written to procrastinate on actually organizing our workshop. 3 Ways to Organize Your Workshop   Magnectic Strips for Small Metal Parts If you have a lot of small metal bits lying around, please don’t

  • Arduino Day Flash Sale – March 28th, 2015!

    Psssst!  This Saturday, 24 hours only – head here to save big on all Arduino related products!

  • Google Summer of Code Still Accepting Applications!

    Google’s “Summer of Code” is a program for students to develop open-source code with various organizations over a three month period.  It’s a great opportunity for young people to work on important teams, expand their skills, and get paid! They’re still accepting applications for the next two days.  Check it out here.  Google Summer of Code is a global program that offers student developers stipends to write code for various open source software projects. We work with many open source, free software, and technology-related groups to identify and fund projects over a three month period. Since its inception in 2005,