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  • Breaking Glass with Science! Bottleneck Slide Tutorial

    Play guitar?  Need a cheap custom slide? Swiftlessons on Youtube (known mostly for lessons on how to play the guitar) has recently released a video on making your own bottleneck slide out of an old wine bottle, a glass cutter, and pots of cold and hot water. The video’s below, but before you get to watching, here’s a quick science rundown on how and why this works: Glass and Thermal Conductivity Glass isn’t a stellar conductor of heat.  Unlike certain metals, glass molecules take a long time to heat up and expand.  That being said, when you stick the neck

  • GlowBot Kit Photo Tutorial – Make Your Own Nightlight

    Below is a photo-tutorial for our “GlowBot” kit – make yourself a glow-in-the-dark robot friend!  (This tutorial can also be applied to other glow-in-the dark circuits.) Things You’ll Need: 1.) A Vice 2.) A Soldering Iron, Solder, etc.   3.) Your GlowBot PCB! 4.) Components: 47k Resistor 2x 220 Resistors 2 LEDs (any color)* *we’ve had some trouble with getting Blue LEDs to work – not enough voltage in one battery to power two blue lights. CR2032 Battery Coin Cell Battery Holder 1 Photoresistor 1 BJT NPN Transistor (P2222 or BC547 will work great.) Instructions: 1.) Following the guide on