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  • Humans Feel Compassion for Machines

    Have you ever found yourself having feelings for a machine? How about your vacuum? “My wife makes fun of me for carrying the Roomba up to my home office during the day, but he keeps me company.  Wen he’s not feeling well, I suffer along with him.  When his infrared receiver broke, the poor little guy went blind.  He was just crashing around the living room, unable to see the IR “gates” we had set up.  He tried to escape out the back door.  And then, saddest of al, he couldn’t find his way back to the dock and eventually

  • UT at Austin Student Sets His Trombone On Fire Because Why Not

    A student at University of Texas at Austin has set his trombone on fire. Intentionally. According to, Valentin Guerin, a French exchange student, has created the “Pyro-Trombone” in order to promote the UT Trombone Ensemble’s trips overseas. Due to decreased funding to education, nationwide, student travel budget funds have been cut drastically or, in our case, eliminated,” the group explained. “Your donations will be used to pay for travel-related trombone choir expenses (airline tickets, local transportation while in Spain, hotel costs, meals, etc.). Even donations at the $10 level will help us immensely in achieving our goal of representing

  • New Aluminum Battery Charges Faster, is Cheaper, and Safer than Alternatives

    Scientists from Stanford University have developed a new aluminum battery.  The battery literally resembles a small piece of aluminum foil, but it unique combination of aluminum and graphite makes it a flexible, cheap, and effective battery, capable of lighting up an LED, charging a phone, and more. Alkaline batteries are bad for the environment, and lithium batteries are far more expensive than this aluminum breakthrough. Researchers also estimate that these batteries will be far more rechargeable than their lithium counterparts. The technology is still brand new, but the scientists envision the battery being used on electrical grids as a form