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  • Form 2 3D Printer: Or, How to Win Christmas

    The world of 3D Printing is moving fast, folks. Extruder-based models and spools of plastic filament are so–uhh…2014? Just in the past few years, breakthroughs in SLA (stereo lithography) photosensitive resin-based printers have you printing high-res models at anywhere from twenty-five to a hundred times the speed of a filament-based machine. Instead of depositing strands of plastic downwards to create a model, a resin-based printer will literally pull your creation from a pool of resin, using light and oxygen to cure it to a perfect shape. The results are incredible. These beasts (like the ones developed by Carbon3D, shown above)

  • Interview with Erin St. Blaine, Creator of a Fully Submersible LED Mermaid Costume

    Erin St. Blaine is a life-long maker with a mission to bring incredible characters to life.  One of her more recent creations, Glimmer the Mermaid, is a fully submersible LED Mermaid costume.  With over 180 LED lights, Glimmer is a masterful work of ingenuity and engineering. Watch the video below to see Glimmer in action, then read our interview with Erin to find out how she created this incredible underwater spectacle. Your company, Fire Pixie Entertainment, does costumed entertainment for kids and adults.  I noticed a lot of your creations feature in your company’s shows.  Did you start making for your

  • 5 Robot Movies to Marathon This Weekend

    Happy Friday! So we know it’s summer. We know it’s the perfect weather to go out and enjoy yourself: to make something, to do some outdoorsy activity, etc. etc. blah blah blah. Buuuuttt if you’re feeling particularly home-bodyish this weekend, we’ve got you covered. We love robots here at 16Hertz. And we love geeky movies about robots (or androids or cyborgs or whatever. You get the gist).  Annnnd we think it’s cool to get all reactionary and scared about robots overtaking humanity.  So we decided to do a brief breakdown of 5 robot movies that warrant your attention this weekend.

  • Was MacGyver the Greatest Maker?

    Does anyone remember MacGyver?  Wikipedia will tell you literally everything you need to know (and more), but if that’s a little “too long didn’t read” for you, here’s a synopsis.  MacGyver was a show about an agent who diffused bombs with stuff like chewing gum, paperclips, car keys and cinderblocks. (okay maybe not cinderblocks).  Now that we live in a post Hurt Locker society, MacGyver obviously comes off as a little cheesy.  The unbearable 80’sness of the show doesn’t help. But say what you will about the ridiculousness of MacGyver (and believe us, there’s a lot to say), but I can’t think of a show that

  • A Self-Returning Shopping Cart Inspired by a Faucet

    Meet John McClaire and David Vogeleer, engineers who are out to build a better supermarket parking lot. We’ve all done it: after a long day of shopping, you get your cart to your car, unload the groceries, look around for the “cart return” area, only to see it’s about eight hundred million yards away.  What do you do? That’s right. You put it in a metal cruncher. Nope, most likely you just left it there, or left it next to the other car, or pushed it into a bush. Well John and David admit to being terrible shopping cart etiquette

  • Minecraft Education Portal: Teach Your Kids with Minecraft!

    Do your kids (or the kids you teach) love Minecraft?  While it might seem counter intuitive to bring video games into the classroom (kids are addicted to their phones enough as it is) Minecraft thinks it has something to offer teachers with its “Minecraft in Education” portal. While not a TON of details about the program have been unveiled yet, teachers can sign up on the program’s website to stay updated, and right now, their landing page boasts: “Minecraft in education is a way to teach, learn and inspire. It’s students visiting ancient civilizations to create and play out their

  • I Am a Grown Adult and I Really Want to Go To the LegoLand Hotel

    I am proud to disclose that everyone who works at 16Hertz is, in fact, an adult.  A legally employable adult. Go us! HOWEVER. I am equally proud to disclose that everyone at 16Hertz loves Lego.  What’s not to love?  Not only are Lego’s fun and educational, the Lego brand has been notoriously supportive of the Maker Movement and of bringing hands-on learning to schools.   You can use Legos to build a ridiculous amount of cool stuff (as seen below).   But despite the amazing creations people have made with Legos, we’re aware that the brand mostly markets children. Thus, the

  • UT at Austin Student Sets His Trombone On Fire Because Why Not

    A student at University of Texas at Austin has set his trombone on fire. Intentionally. According to, Valentin Guerin, a French exchange student, has created the “Pyro-Trombone” in order to promote the UT Trombone Ensemble’s trips overseas. Due to decreased funding to education, nationwide, student travel budget funds have been cut drastically or, in our case, eliminated,” the group explained. “Your donations will be used to pay for travel-related trombone choir expenses (airline tickets, local transportation while in Spain, hotel costs, meals, etc.). Even donations at the $10 level will help us immensely in achieving our goal of representing

  • Ideas for Storing Cables Tangle-Free

    We have a lot of cables here.  We sell cables.  We use cables.  We find random cables pretty much everywhere.  A day does not go by that doesn’t involve us finding a cable and going “what does this go to?” We have a cable efficency problem. But now that every device you buy comes with a new cable, it’s no wonder the things might start to get lost in the detritus of your workshop/hobby space/conference room/desk/backseat of car/girlfriend’s kitchen/childhood treehouse. No more! We shot over to Pinterest to find the best cable storage techniques we could. BEHOLD! Cables, haunt us

  • Adult Coloring Books – No, This Isn’t From Portlandia

    We’re into anything that gets adults creative.  And although these beautifully intricate “adult-coloring books” might be the most hipster thing to ever hipster, we’re convinced there is something “makerish” about them.  Major cred to Johanna Basford, renowned illustrator and creator of these smash hit activity books. Check out Gizmodo’s feature on the hit books here.  Or just get stare at some of the beautiful illustrations and feel all wistful.  

  • Celebrating Retro Smartwatches

    With Apple’s new Apple Watch being the current talk of the tech world, wearable technology has been the subject of many a conversation.  Whether we’re concerned these watches will give us cancer or debating the sanity of buying one for $10,000, the future of smartwatches is now. Or should we say “then”? Smartwatches have actually been around a lot longer than most people would believe.  While the Android and iPhone comaptible watches are relatively new technology, smartwatches (that is, an electronic watch that does something other than tell you time) have been around longer than you think. Here’s a throwback

  • Coming Soon: “The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage”

    If there was some kind of official nerd-town-crier, we’d alert him or her to spread this news all through the town square. This April you can get your hands on writer/illustrator Sydney Padua’s debut graphic novel The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage, published by Pantheon.  The comic is already available online, but will released in print form on the 21st. True geeks know that Lovelace (lauded as the world’s first computer programmer) and Babbage (inventor of the Analytical Machine) never had the good fortune of putting their heads together the way Padua’s story imagines. But with just a dash of alternate